Behind the Scenes Bloopers: Dog Shoots

It's most likely clear at this point that we love pets. And dogs, in particular. One of the best parts of Bonéfide life is getting to know a plethora of different dogs, be it through collaborating with dog lovers in various ways, through model searches and dog shoots, or by simply being out at the dog park or beach.

Working with dogs is wonderful. They are always happy, enthusiastic and playful. And usually, easy to control. 

We want to show you that photo shoots with dogs can be hit or miss. Yes, we choose the best photos to show you, but what you don't see is a huge file of dog photos that are seldom shown anywhere. These have provided Ally and myself with untold laughter, and we want you to laugh too.

So, enough! Yes, perfect photos are prized and should be carefully curated, but so should these bloopers. Because after all, these are the photos when dogs, are simply being dogs. And we want to celebrate this more than anything.

Enjoy, laugh and stay tuned for many more bloopers.

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